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What's New?

PRETA Air: Hazardous Air Pollutants Now Available

Published Aug. 2013 - This third edition of the PRETA Air series discusses a broad class of air pollutants termed hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), otherwise known as air toxics. This report seeks to collect, analyze, and inform the public regarding data and information pertinent to hazardous air pollutants concerning Southwestern Pennsylvania. Click here for full report PDF

PRETA Air: Particulate Matter Report Now Available

Published Dec. 2012 - The preliminary assessments employed in the project identified air quality as the number one current environmental threat to the welfare of the greater Pittsburgh region. The second of a series of reports on the environmental threats to the region, titled PRETA Air, focuses on particulate matter and its environmental and public health impacts. Click here for full PDF»

Fall Awards

We are proud to announce that at the International Society of Exposure Science 22nd Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA, Dr. Clougherty and her lab won two awards:
- Sally Liu Outstanding New Researcher Award - Jane Clougherty, MSc, ScD
- 2nd Place Student Poster Competition - Drew Michanowicz, MPH, CPH

At the 2012 American Public Health Association Conference in San Francisco, CA, Kyle Ferrar, MPH won an Environmental Section poster award for his work titled "Where the flowback flows; assessments of effluent contaminants from facilities discharging Marcellus Shale wastewater to surface waters in Pennsylvania."

Deans Day Award for Shale Gas Waste Water Research

Congratulations to CHEC's Kyle Ferrar, MPH for receiving a Dean's Day EOH Keleti Award for excellence in environmental health for his poster titled, "Where the flowback flows; assessments of effluent contaminants from facilities discharging Marcellus Shale wastewater to surface waters in Pennsylvania."

The Pennsylvania gas law fails to protect public health

Our legislators punted when it was time to protect us, say Pitt experts Drs. Bernard Goldstein and Jill Kriesky — Gov. Tom Corbett recently signed a bill that goes beyond just ignoring concerns about the potential human health effects of Marcellus Shale drilling, it retains some of the worst aspects of industry secrecy about proprietary hydrofracking chemicals while making unethical demands on physicians. Read more»

WV Report By CHEC's Jill Kriesky, PhD

While Dr. Kriesky was working for the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy she began writing an economic report titled "Creating an Economic Diversification Trust Fund - Turning Nonrenewable Natural Resources into Sustainable Wealth for West Virginia" with co- authors Boettner T, McIlmoil R, and Paulhus E. The report was recently released, concluding:

WV would benefit greatly from the creation of a permanent severance tax trust fund. An Economic Diversification Fund would help the state meet many of today’s economic challenges, while ensuring that future generations benefit from the mineral wealth of their state. In the past, West Virginia did not gain broadly shared prosperity for its residents, despite the tremendous wealth of natural resources in the state. As the Marcellus Shale gas play begins to boom in West Virginia, the state should take action today to ensure that it truly benefits from the extraction of its valuable natural resources. Without a permanent fund, the economic benefit from the natural resource extraction will decline along with the natural resources themselves. Entire Report (PDF)

Congressional Testimony by Dr. Goldstein

On February 1, 2012, Bernard D. Goldstein, MD testified before the Congressional Energy and Environment Subcommittee, Committee on Science, Space, and Technology regarding "The Public Heath Implications of Unconventional Gas Drilling." Read testimony»

PPHA Presentations by CHEC Staff

This year the Pennsylvania Public Health Association (PPHA) held a luncheon talk & a full session on the concerns associated with intense development in the Marcellus Shale field. See below for CHEC's presentations:

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