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Pittsburgh Regional Environmental Threats Analysis (PRETA) Report - PRETA Air: Ozone

Michanowicz D, Malone S, Ferrar K, Kelso M, Christen C, Volz CD, Goldstein B. (2011). Center for Healthy Environments & Communities, Department of Environmental & Occupational Health, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. PDF»

Deans Day Poster Competition

CHEC Presenters: Malone S, Michanowicz D, & Ferrar K. (2011). University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, Pittsburgh, PA.
Posters: Malone | Michanowicz | Ferrar

The Application of Community Based Participatory Environmental Research (CBPR) on the Study of the Quality of a Major Regional Water Source

Christen C, Caruso P, DeMarco P, Morrison J, Mutetwa B, Niederberger P, Volz C. Presentation to the Ohio River Basin Consortia for Research and Education. PDF»

Cooperation Between Civilian & Military Organizations During an Emergency: A Case Study Evaluation of the 2008 Reentry of an Uncontrolled U.S. Government Satellite Contaminated with Hydrazine

Tomljanovic C, Volz D, Quinn S, Trufanov A, Rossodivita A. (2010). Volume 62 NATO Science for Peace & Security Series. PDF»

Assessing Effectiveness of Educational Interventions on Subpopulations of Primary Caretakers from Pittsburgh Environmental Asthma Study Based on KAB Survey Scores

Mamrose-Hunt S. (2009). Master's thesis, Dean's Day poster. Graduate School of Public Health (GSPH), University of Pittsburgh. Thesis (PDF) | Poster (PDF)

Southwestern Pennsylvania's Water Quality Problems & How to Address Them Regionally

Volz CD. (2008). Eds. Miller, T, Gorley, T, & Barron, B. Institute of Politics, University of Pittsburgh. PDF»

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