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CHEC Services

CHEC is a university-based center for environmental health; research; translation; outreach; policy analysis; project and program evaluation; and facilitation of institutional, governmental and community visioning and prioritization processes. We offer these services to:

  • International & governmental agencies
  • Community groups
  • National, state, & local governments
  • Foundations
  • Academic institutions
  • International & domestic companies
CHEC Services    

CHEC will work with non-profit; non-governmental agencies; communities; and other university collaborators to secure funding in the form of grants for specific environmental health projects. CHEC understands the inter-relationships and chains and webs of causation of socio-economic, cultural, individual behavioral, legal and policy, and geographical factors and variables with ultimate ecological and environmental health outcomes. We, thus, take a holistic approach to rationalize and prioritize interventions that will directly affect all factors that may be involved in an ecological and/or environmental health issue or endpoint. CHEC can draw upon academic and institutional resources within all departments of the Graduate School of Public Health (GSPH), as well as collaborators in the University of Pittsburgh’s, Schools of Law and Medicine, and the Departments of History, Geology and Microbiology to form teams that can visualize, understand and prioritize all aspects of ecological and environmental health issues.

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April 30, 2015