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Update Log

Title Page

About CHEC

Executive Summary

Existing Endeavors

Environmental Health Data Areas



The Need for an Assessment of Local Environmental Health Data

Project Purposes and Goals

Project Scope

Geographic Focus

Report Organization & Limitations

Depth of Information


Existing Endeavors

Data inventory and Quality Assessments

Indicators Development

Technological Tools

Environmental Health Tracking and Network Development

Linkage and collaboration

Consumer Demands & Polluting Activities


Ecological Footprints

Household Products Database

Life-Cycle Analysis

Product Labeling

Case Study #1: Does Buying “Oak” Furniture in Pittsburgh Destroy Rainforests in Asia?


Point Sources: Toxic Release Inventory (TRI)

Point Sources: Non-TRI

Case Study #2: Masontown & the Hatfield’s Ferry Power Plant

Area Sources

Potential Exposure: Environmental Monitoring

Ambient Air Monitoring

Case Study #3: The Neville Island & Mon Valley Bucket Brigades

Land Monitoring

Water Monitoring

Human Exposure

Exposure Modeling

Community Biomonitoring

Case Study #4: Hair Analysis for Mercury in Environmental Journalists

Health Outcomes

General Nature of Health Information

Health Outcomes Data Sources & Systems

Case Study #5: Is Autism Related to Industrial Mercury Releases?

Psychological Health Outcomes Data

Built Environment & Health:  A Focus on Neighborhoods

Residential Characteristics

Case Study #5: The Data-Gathering Process as a Path to a Healthy Neighborhood

Next Steps


Appendix A: Acknowledgments

Appendix B: Counties in Definitions of “Region”

Appendix C: Map of Pittsburgh Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)

Appendix D: Map of Pittsburgh Region EPA/PADEP Air Monitors

Appendix E: DEP Pittsburgh Area Ambient Monitoring Sites

Appendix F: Pittsburgh Region Carbon Monoxide Emissions

Appendix G: Map of Allegheny County Health Department Air Monitors

Appendix H: Comprehensive Question List

Appendix I: Diseases & Environmental Toxins Suspected to Cause Them